A Celebration of Australian Drummers In the Studio


Stick Figures

"Stick Figures" is a book of 132 pages with a full colour cover showcasing the art of drumming. Includes an 18 track CD to enable the reader to listen to the songs being studied.

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Stick Figures cover

Plus Self - Improvement!

Pick up tips for improving your performance in studios, such as:

  • How to develop drum parts which enhance the song.
  • How you can maintain your best performance under pressure.

Samples of beats

CatchAnEmu (Mark Kennedy) 11 sec, 477kb

Also by David Hicks - Air Shot

Air Shot is a solo for 5-piece drum kit, based on the stylings of two songs by English drummer/composer/vocalist Phil Collins - "Behind the Lines" and "In the Air Tonight".

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Air Shot

David Hicks

Well-known Melbourne percussionist and educator, has brought together seven of Australia's top drummers for this close-up look at their work in recording studios.

Featured drummers

  • Stewart Speer
  • Mark Kennedy
  • Darryn Farrugia
  • Graham Morgan
  • Andrew Gander
  • Gordon Rytmeister
  • John Watson

Each drummer has a chapter featuring:

  • Interviews, with photos
  • Transcriptions and analysis
  • Insights from the drummer's perspective
  • Equipment details
  • Discography.

Darryn Farrugia

Dom Famularo

I think this is excellent! Well put together with all the bio and educational stuff! There is so much here to learn from and be inspired! I have always been very moved by the Australian drummers. It is humbling to hear them all. Now the world gets to hear! ...some really great music. The variety is HUGE! I play this all the time in my car!

Australian Musician Magazine

informative background information, drum set ups and interview snippets on each musician. CD enabling the reader to dissect transcriptions, and hear just why these musicians are held in such high regard essential reading for anyone even vaguely into the art of drumming.

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